About Us

American Trade Mark Co. is a manufacturer of Incident Command and Accountability Systems used to track tactics and personnel at an emergency scene. Our owner, Gordon McIntire, and most of our production staff are Volunteer or Career Firefighters so we have a working knowledge of our products.  We also manufacture reflective decals, signs, and plaques.

Incident Command Systems

Our Dashboard Commander™ and our Case Commander™ Incident Command Systems allow the IC to monitor tactical operations, assignments, PAR, and more. All systems are N.I.M.S. compliant. All design, printing, and manufacturing are done in-house so our systems can be custom-made to meet the specific requirements of any customer.

Accountability Systems

Our Accountability Systems include unbreakable Accountability Tags and Status Boards used to collect the tags in order to track crew assignments and locations. Tags are custom engraved to include the Department name, firefighter ( or emergency service worker) name, and any other important information.

Equipment Marker Decals

Our Equipment Marker Decals are widely used by emergency service organizations to identify hand tools, boxes, and loose equipment. We print the decals with special inks on durable reflective material to create a long-lasting identifier that is easy to read.


Our Signs are manufactured to the highest standards and are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Our Plaques are also manufactured to the highest standards, we have various printing and engraving capabilities including computerized machine engraving, laser engraving as well as sublimation printing on metal. This allows us the ability to include custom logos on most products.

American Trade Mark Co. manufactures high-quality products with high customization to allow you to perform your services safely and in a way that suits your staff and environment. Ordering is simple and can be performed online, via fax, or over the phone. Browse through our catalog and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.