Case Commander® Incident Command System – Passport Edition
  • Case Commander™ Incident Command System – Passport Edition
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Case Commander® Incident Command System – Passport Edition


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Special Product Notes

This product is made to order, therefore the typical lead time is 8 weeks. Custom layouts may take longer.

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A mobile incident command post with the ability to collect Passports as well as track the locations and tasks of all of your crews on the fire-ground. Includes an area to sketch the scene, log PAR’s, strategies and more. This Incident Command System consists of two tactical command worksheets mounted in a weatherproof case with built in legs. The worksheets have a dry erase surface that accepts magnetic tags that represent the Officers, tasks and apparatus at the incident. The Incident Commander will use the system to track the tactics and assignments throughout the duration of the incident. Custom layouts are available.

The difference between the Case Commander™ Incident Command System and this “Passport Edition” is the top board. It is set up to be a collector for passports along with write-in areas to track the assignments of the team that each passport represents. The bottom board is the same for both the regular and this Passport Edition. The Passport Edition does not include a storage area for the 50 magnetic tags so we include a “Tag Storage Box” which is mounted under the bottom board.

Black Weatherproof Polymer Case featuring:

  • 38” long x 13.5” wide x 9” high
  • Heavy-duty in-line wheels
  • Two double layered, soft grip handles
  • 6 press and pull latches for secure lockable closure
  • Nickel-plated steel lid stays hold case in open position
  • Permanently attached automatically adjusting air valve that won’t let in water
  • Permanently attached folding and locking powder coated steel legs
  • Lower work surface is 34.5” from the ground with legs opened
  • 1,175 cubic inches of storage below bottom worksheet in case

Two tactical worksheet white boards featuring:

  • 34” x 12” Upper board permanently mounted inside lid with Velcro to receive passports
  • 35” x 12.5” Lower removable board on base
  • Coated steel with subsurface printing
  • Surface compatible with dry erase markers
  • Separate tactical areas for managing:
    • Resources on scene and off
    • Staging including location and Officer in charge
    • Command and general staff
    • Operational assignment locations and Officer in charge
    • Tactical priorities and action plan
    • Life safety priorities and results
    • Search progress and results
    • Accountability of personnel including a PAR log
    • Scene layout and Officers in charge
    • Building Construction
    • Outside agencies including Utilities

Additional Product Information

  • 50 Engraved magnetic tags to represent Officers, Positions, and Apparatus etc.
  • Up to two lines engraved, up to 14 characters per line
  • Color-coding: Red, White, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Black tags available.
  • Magnetic receptive box for tag storage mounts below bottom board.
  • Tools include: Multi channel stopwatch clock, High efficiency LED light, 3 Dry erase markers, one china marker and one dry eraser,  I C Flag with pole.

If less than 50 tags are needed, dry erasable white blanks will be supplied to bring the total up to 50.

Shipping Size: 39” x 14” x 9” 60 Pounds

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Additional information

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 16.5 × 9 in

Additional Tags

Comes with 50 engraved magnetic tags – additional tags $4.50 each. Includes one tag storage box which will hold about 100 tags.

Add Additional Tag Storage Box?

The Tag Storage Box is used to store extra tags when more than 100 tags are ordered.

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Add Case Accountability Board?

The Case Accountability Board hangs on the front of the Case Commander™ and is used to collect accountability tags.

Add Radio Holder?

This is a custom made heavy duty acrylic that holds one or two portable radios and clips onto the top of the case. We custom cut holes in the acrylic that allow the radios to be dropped in. We need the dimensions of the radio with an online order so we can cut those holes.