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Incident Command & Accountability Systems

There is a great deal of information that can be obtained from a well designed and implemented Accountability System. Such as how many Firefighters you have on scene, their level of qualification, what apparatus they arrived on, and even any allergies they may have, but is this the primary goal of your Accountability System?

Our Incident Command Systems allow the Incident Commander to track all of the fireground tactics and crews working at an emergency scene. Our command boards compliment a properly implemented accountability system.

What is the goal of your Accountability System?


The most important information you can get from your Accountability System is the whereabouts of crews working within a hazardous structure or sector and how long they have been in and on air. This information will give your Rapid Intervention or F.A.S.T. Team a starting point if someone does not come out promptly or if you have a collapse and your crews become trapped.

Getting your Firefighters out quickly in the event of a problem should be the goal of your Accountability System…

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