Fire Accountability & Incident Command

On Scene Firefighter Personnel Tracking Products

Firefighter tracking systems are a vital part of first responder safety. They help Incident Commanders to monitor the whereabouts of their fire and EMS crews and are vital for making emergency management decisions. American Trade Mark Co. is proud to offer a variety of on-scene personnel tracking products for firefighters. Browse Personnel Tracking Products Why Firefighter Tracking Systems Are Important On any incident ranging from small brush fires to large commercial structure fires, it is crucial for fire department Safety Officers and...
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Status Boards For Firefighters

Firefighter status boards are an essential part of managing successful fire ground operations. American Trade Mark Co. offers a variety of firefighter accountability boards and command boards to help you effectively track your resources and make important strategic decisions. We are one of the fire service's leading Incident Command and Accountability Systems manufacturers, and we have assisted thousands of career and volunteer fire departments and emergency service organizations across the United States. Browse Incident Command Boards Emergency Personnel Accountability Boards American Trade...
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