Firefighter Safety

Firefighter Scene Safety Tips

The most important job of the Incident Commander is firefighter scene safety. Communication, organization, and coordination of first responders, EMS, EMT, and firefighters is a big task to handle. When Incident Commanders have customized accountability systems fitted with magnetic tags for each member of the team, they have an easier time keeping track of their crew and gear. Outline Standard Operating Procedures Even though personal protective clothing and equipment can protect fire crews from some of the toxic risks associated with...
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Reducing Firefighter Workplace Injuries

At American Trade Mark, we offer an effective range of accountability products geared towards helping you with reducing firefighter workplace injuries. Accidents happen, and the nature of emergency response leaves very little time for warm-ups and preplanning. So, along with a solid training foundation, your on-scene incident command arrangement is your best tool to protect your fire response team. Common Firefighter Workplace Injuries Contrary to popular belief, the dangers of putting out a blazing fire do not commonly lie with the...
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Fire Department Grants

If your department is looking for additional funding to ensure your firefighters have all the necessary equipment to do their job and stay safe while doing it, consider fire department grants as a viable funding option. We want every department interested in our firefighter accountability, passport, and incident command systems to be able to afford this equipment. Fire department grants are an effective way to secure financial resources and offset the heavy costs of operation. Getting The Fire Gear You Need Grants...
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