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Firefighter Accountability Tags

Protect your firefighters with American Trade Mark Co. custom firefighter accountability tags. Our personnel accountability systems are trusted by career, volunteer and combination fire departments across the United States. We offer a variety of PAS options, including name-tag and passport systems, to meet your agency’s specific needs. Browse Accountability Tags Prevent Accidents and Firefighter Deaths According to NIOSH, the ineffective use of -- or complete lack of -- a personnel accountability system is a contributing factor in many firefighter line-of-duty deaths. American...
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Status Boards For Firefighters

Firefighter status boards are an essential part of managing successful fire ground operations. American Trade Mark Co. offers a variety of firefighter accountability boards and command boards to help you effectively track your resources and make important strategic decisions. We are one of the fire service's leading Incident Command and Accountability Systems manufacturers, and we have assisted thousands of career and volunteer fire departments and emergency service organizations across the United States. Browse Incident Command Boards Emergency Personnel Accountability Boards American Trade...
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Firefighter Equipment Marker Decals

American Trade Mark Co. is a leading manufacturer of firefighter equipment marker decals. Firefighter safety is dependent on easy identification in emergency situations.  We work with fire departments across the United States to create custom reflective stickers, signs, and plaques for use on fire apparatus, firefighter PPE, tools, and fire stations. Browse Equipment Marker Decals Reflective Decals For Firefighters Make sure you and your firefighters are protected - choose the most visible reflective decals for firefighters available on the market. American Trade...
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