Police Investigation Management

Police investigation management is incredibly complex. When someone at an active crime scene dials 911, that call can immediately put law enforcement officers, EMS teams, and firefighters in motion. As the incident commander, you have to collect, communicate, and manage information and track the details of the ongoing scene and investigation.

  • Scene Entrances & Exits
  • Suspect & Victim Information
  • Equipment Distribution, Management Tracking
  • Participating Officers & Their Roles
  • Officers Covering Off-Site Locations (Hospital, etc)
  • Media & Bystanders
  • Scene Progress – Medical Support & Evidence

Staying Organized From The Time Of A Call

As soon as a 911 dispatcher picks up the phone, time is of the essence and every detail counts. Do we need a tactical team, medical personnel, search and rescue? Having the right tools available is essential when so much critical information is flowing in, and so many people are on the move.

Incident Command Where You Need It

Are you recording detail on-the-go or from a static command post? At American Trade Mark, we carry command boards that make any dashboard, trunk, or on-scene location the perfect place to record and change the details of your police investigation.

Tracking Officers & Information On The Crime Scene

Our magnetic dry-erase command boards make collecting and changing information simple. Unlike paper records, you don’t have to worry about losing them, and as the investigation develops, you can simply wipe away what’s not useful or accurate and replace it. Moving resources can be tracked right on the boards with included magnetic tags representing vehicles, officers, and resources.

Our personnel accountability tags help you know who’s on scene and where they are. If you prefer a passport tag accountability system, you can collect them easily as officers enter with our Passport Edition of the Case Commander®.

When Every Second Counts, Custom Solutions Are Critical

Things move quickly at the scene of a crime, and there’s a lot to keep track of. American Trade Mark’s incident command systems and personnel accountability tools can be customized to help your unique law enforcement teams stay safe and organized during police investigations.

Order Police Investigation Command Boards

American Trade Mark magnetic command board and personnel accountability systems can keep your police investigations organized and on track. Our go-anywhere customizable;e tools help you act quickly and accurately when every minute counts. Contact us today to place your order or to ask about available custom options.

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